Third Party Reviews

Missy Collins | October 16, 2018 |

"I happen to be blessed to be the Manager of the store and I can only speak for myself of course. My team is great! Experience and personality prevail here. We adore our client families! Come check out our store culture for yourself"

chandueces | October 01, 2018 |

"Great place... After trying many places in Mason area..I found this one is best in terms of price and service.. got the haircut exactly I am looking for.. defnetly would recommend to other people."

Brandon P. | September 19, 2018 |

"I'm new to the area and I've always had a barber cut my hair. When I first moved here (3 months ago), I was recommended to a barber shop downtown. Although i did like the barbershop feel, $20 was too much for just a cut and a 2 hour wait. Not to mention that it's downtown and there's literally no parking. As I was driving home, I noticed sports clips in Mason, OH. Although I told myself that I wouldn't go back to a commercial salon, I decided to look it up the next day on Yelp. All of the Salons except for one in my area had really good ratings so I jumped on the Check-In list to get my haircut. I walked in, confirmed my check-in and maybe sat down for 3 min before I was being called back by Sabrina. I told her exactly how I wanted my hair and she cut it to perfection, not to mention the great hair wash and face towel experience was awesome. The shampoo she used was great; I will definitely buy some next time I run out. As for going back, I believe I've found myself a new place/person that I'm comfortable with. I'll See you again Sabrina."

Philip Miller | July 30, 2018 |

"Always a great cut..."

Steven T. | March 15, 2018 |

"Sabrina is not only a great hairstylist but a super friendly person to talk to! 5 stars, definitely recommend!"

Cheyra Laufer | February 13, 2018 |

"Very clean, quick and professional. My 9 year old son seemed to have a very satisfying, comfortable visit which lead us both to agreeing that this was possibly the perfect place to get a decent priced haircut by stylists who take pride in what they do while simply getting each customer in and out in a timely manner, with smiles on their faces. There was one stylist in particular who went above and beyond and was AMAZING to each person she encountered with. Including a toddler who was being taken care of by another stylist. She still took the time out to acknowledge him AND his parents and without a doubt made their visit 10 times more positive and friendlier. Forgive me for forgetting her name but she is a short haired blonde, dark glasses and accessorized with a ballcap. I'd gladly request her to style my child's hair anyday!"

Likith Nagaraja | January 28, 2018 |

"Very friendly staff. You show them a picture of the haircut and they’ll do one better. Totally like the place."

Alex Iskander | January 21, 2018 |

"Took my son for the first and last time there, waited for 21 mins and I was ON DESK (their terms I am next) then a customer walks in for his appointment and forgot to sign up his son too but since he was a regular they took him and his son and I got bumped to another 20minutes. The team acted as if there was nothing wrong w what happened, confronted the unprofessional manager she tried to play it off then her words “U CAN DO WHATEVER U WANT” so I left. Rude unprofessional lady and staff"

Cyber XersiuhX | January 24, 2018 |

"Would give 4 because the first couple times i went it was a great haircut but now when i go im getting stuck with rookies and they completely mess up the haircut. I showed them an image of a haircut and it was somewhat long at the top and they cut it down to a freaking centimeter. Im still mad"

Dave B. | December 16, 2011 |

"I used to love this place, but then they fired my stylist (Billie) who was the absolute best, so I'll be going elsewhere."